How to Start Your Own Moms’ Walking Group — and What To Do While You’re Out

So, let me guess:  you have young kids and the springtime weather is inspiring you to get out and reclaim your pre-baby body but you’re not sure how to do it.  Am I close?

I’m cheering for you – and for your whole family!  The good things you do for your health will benefit your kids and spouse, too.  So, step 1 is giving yourself a generous pat on the back for feeling the inspiration to get moving.

One of the easier ways to begin your journey is to join a group that’s already established.  Stroller Strides  has locations in several states, and their M.O. is to walk with stroller-bound kids and do some toning along the way.  Oh Baby Fitness  (my Atlanta-area favorite, hands-down) offers lots of different kinds of classes, including stroller walks plus water aerobics, yoga and more – many of which include babies.  They have the advantage of providing experienced instructors as well, who are specially trained in perinatal fitness.

But what if you don’t have one of these near you – or you can’t get to the class times offered?  You might know my motto – it’s how I founded and its parent company:  if you don’t see what you want, make it yourself!  Here are three easy steps to creating your own walking workout for moms and kids (with a bonus sample workout!).

First, gather your team.  Meet them on the playground, at the grocery store or anywhere you frequent.  “How old is yours?” is the new “Come here often?” in this crowd.  Carry “mommy cards” – business cards with just your personal information on them – for when you meet someone and feel enough “click” to exchange information.  If you don’t already know some others, start a Facebook [] group or a MeetUp  – social media makes it so easy to spread the word and meet real-world people.  (And of course, put your online group information on the mommy cards!)

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